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Apple MacBook Repairs

Apple MacBook Repairs at iRepairIT

We are confident when it comes to Apple MacBook repairs. With many years of experience under our belts and quality affordable repair in Brighton, visit us today!

From hardware repairs like screen replacements and keyboard/trackpad replacements to software and OS installs, there isn’t much we can’t do.

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Apple MacBook Repairs brighton

Here are some of the repairs we offer below alongside others, keep in mind not all parts on all models are replaceable, and we often need to see the device in order to know what model the engineers are dealing with.

Battery Replacement - Apple MacBook Repairs

Due to a lot of use the batteries on MacBooks can frequently go faulty or not last as long as they once did after a few years. We can fix that for you, a battery replacement can give your older device more life again.

Sometimes with the option of compatible or original quality based on your budget ant the device

macbook battery repair

Screen Replacement - Apple MacBook Repairs

macbook screen repair

Sometimes accidents happen, we’ve heard and seen people cause accidental damage to their MacBooks in a number of ways.

Luckily most of the time these are repairable, we do our best to provide affordable and professional screen repair for MacBooks in Brighton.

Keyboard Replacement - Apple MacBook Repairs​

MacBooks haven’t always had the best keyboards in terms of resilience. One of the issues being when keys fall off due to damage, often times the entire keyboard has to be replaced in order to remedy this.

This can be a very complicated job to do, but our engineers have done hundreds if not thousands of these MacBook repairs in the past.

macbook keyboard repair

Trackpad Replacement - Apple MacBook Repairs​​

macbook trackpad repair

Sometimes the click can break on your MacBook and when this happens a trackpad replacement is usually the solution to that.

Book your device in for diagnosis with us, and our engineers will be able to determine which kind of repair is needed.